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Boutique studios, lofts and suites

An eco-luxury sanctuary of nature and heritage in Halkidiki's ancient heart

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Welcome to
Vigla Ierissos

A passion project that blends local tradition (such as weaving on the loom) and history with the state of the art amenities, contemporary architectural design and sustainability practices, Vigla Ierissos represents a warm, authentic and welcoming accommodation experience in a unique -and yet not discovered- corner of the Greek region of Halkidiki.

Emerging from the hillside of the contemporary village of Ierissos, surrounded by small cypress and olive groves and overlooking Ierissos bay and the ancient town of Akanthos, Vigla Ierissos always remains on the threshold of present and past, urban and natural, reality and myth, that every guest - "philoxenoumenos" can explore in a different and deeply personal way.

All 8 guest rooms (studios, lofts, suites) share a distinct boho-chic vibe with touches of Greek - Mediterranean countryside charm and are decorated in a soothing mix of earthy hues, with natural textures, rustic fabrics and custom made furniture by local artisans. Vigla Ierissos is a welcoming eco-friendly, luxury oasis for sophisticated travellers that represents the ideal base for exploring -by foot, car or boat- the area's incredible beaches, the birthplace of the great philosopher Aristotle and the nearby autonomous monastic state of Mount Athos.

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One step away from Greece's most spectacular assortment of beaches and the famous Mount Athos
Boutique studios, lofts and suites
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Located at the beginning of Halkidiki's peninsula third leg, just 25 minutes from Aristotle's birthplace and 15 minutes from Mount Athos, seaside Ierissos is an ideal starting point for exploring the area's rich history, and tradition, gastronomy and breathtaking beaches. It is no coincidence that it has been inhabited steadily from prehistoric times to the present day, as evidenced by the ruins of ancient Akanthos, which are two steps away from Vigla Ierissos, boutique studios, lofts & suites.

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