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In the heart of Halkidiki most beautiful region

Emerging from the hillside of the contemporary village of Ierissos, surrounded by small cypress and olive groves and overlooking Ierissos bay and the ancient town of Akanthos, Vigla Ierissos always remains on the threshold of present and past, urban and natural, reality and myth. Allowing each guest ("philoxenoumenos") to explore all the dimensions of the multi-faceted Halkidiki of nature, history, tradition, and gastronomy differently and deeply personal.



World-famous for its dozens of stunning beaches with turquoise waters, most of which with white sand and pine trees reaching all the way to the wave's edge, the Halkidiki peninsula hides countless fascinating surprises for the restless traveller. From trekking in its mountainous area and wine tasting in its vineyards to surfing and diving. An intoxicating combination of blue and green that harmoniously sums up 3,000 years of history, culture, tradition and gastronomy. The undisputed sceptre in this ancient land of Aristotle is the autonomous monastic state of Mount Athos, located just 15 minutes from Vigla Ierissos.



Located at the beginning of Halkidiki's peninsula third leg, just 20 minutes from Aristotle's birthplace and 15 minutes from Mount Athos, seaside Ierissos is an ideal starting point for exploring the area's rich history, and tradition, gastronomy and breathtaking beaches. It is no coincidence that it has been inhabited steadily from prehistoric times to the present day, as evidenced by the ruins of ancient Akanthos, which are two steps away from Vigla Ierissos, boutique studios, lofts & suites.



With a total of 300 km of coastline, over 61 beaches with turquoise waters and golden sand, countless hidden bays and fairytale islets such as Ammouliani and Drenia, the peninsula of Mount Athos, world-famous for its autonomous monastic state, is a treasure cove of natural beauty. Vigla Ierissos is a perfect starting point since it is near some of the area's most famous beaches (such as Ierissos, Nea Roda, Xiropotamos, Komitsa) but also just an 8-minute drive from Tripiti, from where the boats for the exotic islands of the bay depart.


Mount Athos

The "orchard of the Virgin Mary", as it is also called, is an autonomous monastic state that stretches across the peninsula of Mount Athos, includes a total of 20 monasteries full of hidden treasures and has been designated a World Heritage Site. Access is only allowed for men, but -regardless of gender- you will have the opportunity to participate in a boat tour around its coast. The boats depart either from Ouranoupolis (17 minutes from Vigla Ierissos) or from the port of Ierissos (20 minutes on foot by Vigla Ierissos). A life-altering experience, regardless of religious beliefs, that will make you see what life was like in the Byzantine years and, at the same time, a destination of unique natural beauty that has remained untouched by time.

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Useful Distances

  • Ancient Akanthos (50m.)
  • Ierissos Beach (13-minute walk)
  • Port of Ierissos (20-minute walk)
  • Tripiti Beach (8 minutes by car)
  • Ouranoupoli (17 minutes by car)
  • Aristotle's Park (27 minutes by car)
  • Thessaloniki Airport ( 102 km)
  • Kavala Airport ( 163 km)