Explore Halkidiki's hidden treasures

From aqua aerobic and wine tasting to bicycle tours in Aristotle's footsteps


Outdoor Activities

Explore the mosaic of unique experiences Halkidiki offers, with Vigla Ierissos as the ideal starting point. In collaboration with local guides and experienced associates, we provide you, among other things, the opportunity for:

  • Walking tour in the open-air archaeological site of Ancient Akanthos. A memorable experience (with an local guide) that allows you to immerse yourself in nature, while discovering fragments from past eras.
  • Unique bicycle tours that follows the footsteps of Aristotle.
  • Aqua aerobics classes at sunrise/sunset in the bay of Ierissos with a specialized personal trainer. A rejuvenating experience that will help you release your senses.

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  • Olive and fruit Grove exploration. A one-of-a-kind farming and tasting experience.
  • Wine tasting in selected vineyards to discover firsthand why the area's wines are celebrated from antiquity until today.
  • Private boat trips around Mount Athos to experience its unique aura with Ierissos harbour as the starting point.
  • Daily cruises to the bay islets of Ammouliani and Drenia, renowned for their beautiful beaches with the distinct tropical aura and the crystal clear azure waters.