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Vigla Ierissos: An authentic hospitality experience in the heart of Halkidiki

An eco luxury retreat with boutique studios, lofts and suites for enjoyable holidays in Ierissos, Halkidiki

In a special corner of Halkidiki, in seaside Ierissos, 25 minutes from Aristotle's generation and only 15 minutes from Mount Athos, Vigla Ierissos offers an authentic stay to those who want to spend their holidays in a comfortable, elegant and quality environment.

Hellas auf Deutch das Reisemag

Halkidiki under the microscope: Discover the magic of Ierissos

In the ancient village of Ierissou, a descendant of the Kastropolis of ancient Akanthos , where its residents remained until the earthquake of 1932, when they moved to the beach due to the great disasters, the streets were full of traditional stone houses that whispered stories of past generations and gave their secrets again in the echo of the salty sea breeze.

At the heart of Vigla Ierissos lies the feeling of connection to the land. The fragrant scent of local herbs such as rosemary, sage, oregano and thyme is in the air and mixes with the gentle breeze.