Studios, lofts & suites

Eco-luxury accommodation for sophisticated travellers

The Weaves 01 Accessible Double Room

2 guests
Accessibility and Comfort, Tradition and Sustainable luxury

The Weaves 03 Superior Terrace Studio

2 or 3 Guests
Your spacious eco-home away from home

The Groves 04 Private Balcony Studio

4 Guests
Let yourself feel free, in nature's calming embrace

The Groves 05 Open Loft

4 or 5 Guests
The ideal solution for families and large groups of friends

The Groves 06 Attic Loft

4 or 5 Guests
A stylish sanctuary of privacy and elevated aesthetics

The Gulf 07 Suite

Up to 4 guests
Immerse your senses in the deep blue sea of Ierissos bay

The Akanthos 08 Penthouse Suite

Up to 4 guests
Panorama of blue and green, experience of sustainable luxury